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    Proposed New School Badge
    Please see the Headmaster's newsletter dated 14th June 2019 for a full discussion on the new school badge. The Society will keep its current logo, as seen in the ba...
    Posted: Monday, 17 June 2019
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    Headteacher's Newletters
    If you missed any of the Headteacher's Newsletters, they can be found here on the School website.
    Posted: Sunday, 26 May 2019
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    Peer Year 1974 visit to Lalit Hotel (Tooley St Building)
    Paul Shotton writes:

    18 of those who started at the school in 1967 met for a reunion dinner at the old school in Tooley Street a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps our contemporaries can play 'match the name to the face'!

    Those attending were - Peter Brown, Martin Hinchcliffe, David ...
    Posted: Tuesday, 7 May 2019
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    Tooley St 1962
    This film shows the history of the St Olave's and St Saviour's Grammar School through the old pictures and model buildings. On 4th June 1962 at the Southwark Cathedral the Quatercentenary anniversary service of the awa...
    Posted: Saturday, 4 May 2019
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    Commemoration at Southwark Cathedral 2nd May
    Old Olavians attending the service this year were treated to tea/coffee and cakes after the service.
    Some had met up at the Barrowboy & Banker on London Bridge prior to the service for a spot of lunch.
    Some photos have been posted to the new album 'Commemoration 2019'.
    Posted: Thursday, 2 May 2019
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    Old Olavians sponsor St Olaves 'Formula 1 in Schools' team at Finals
    Money that we have previously donated to the school is being used to meet some of the costs of the team's accomodation in Chester when they compete in the Finals, which they qualified for a few weeks ago.

    I recommend that you watch the video on the F1 in schools site...
    Posted: Friday, 1 March 2019
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    Share your form photos
    If you have a form photo to share, go to the Photo Board and click on '+ Add to Gallery'.
    Upload your picture. Once submitted, you will be asked to add your caption or list of names (see the Peer Group 1967 photos for a suggested format).
    The picture will be submitted, along with the c...
    Posted: Sunday, 17 February 2019
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    Would you like to receive a copy of the 'Olavian' each year?
    Become a Subscription Member of the society and receive the Olavian (the School's annual publication), a discount on the cost of the Old Olavians Annual Reunion and know that excess funds raised each year will be used for the benefit of the School and pupils. Currently Subscription Members pay j...
    Posted: Friday, 18 January 2019
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    Hints & Tips
    Please 'Opt-In' next time you logon.
    Not recognised by the site? 'Sign up' or 'Register' and you will be sent your password.

    Wherever you see the words 'Peer Year', it means the year that you or your peers completed Year 13 or Upper 6th.

    When updating...
    Posted: Thursday, 17 January 2019
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    Derivation of the name Tooley Street
    Thank you to Ben Falat (1971), who brought this website and in particular this post to my attention.

    Chris Harris
    Posted: Sunday, 13 January 2019
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